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Chaism Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder

Chaism Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder

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SOPHISTICATED FLAVOR: Besides the pure original matcha flavor, we also created the Osmanthus, Blueberry and Vanilla for various needs. It adds a subtly sweet, honey-like taste to the matcha, plus floral and fruity nuances for an ideal balance.

HISTORIC ROOTS: Harvests come from Hangzhou's verdant valley, once the Song Dynasty capital, a golden era for Chinese green tea. Chaism's local farms promote phytonutrient peaks via 35% extra shade. PURITY GUARANTEED: Artificial additives, gluten, and GMOs are absent, ensuring a naturally pure beverage. AUTHENTICITY: Ground from young, hand-plucked leaves, the flavor is smooth and rich. DAILY NUTRITION: L-theanine aids concentration, antioxidants like EGCG beautify, and catechins boost metabolism. Natural caffeine = no crash. CEREMONIAL GRADE: Freshness is sealed in food-grade tinplate, no inner bag needed.

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Cultivating Nature's Gifts

In a world that often races forward, we choose to pause, to connect, and to cultivate the essence of nature for a healthier, more enriched life. Chaism was born from a vision rooted in wellness, a vision that embraces the harmony between nature's finest elements and our pursuit of vitality.


    Chaism matcha is USDA Certified Organic and vegan with GMO free, gluten free, sugar free and without any additives.


    Our collection of unique, top quality matcha is perfect for smoothies, lattes, protein shakes, bakings, oatmeals etc. Hassle-free stick package design, no more mess, with 2g per serving.


    Ground from tenderest first-harvest hand-picked tea leaves, our matcha offers a smoother tastes with exceptionally vibrant green color and mellow rich flavor.


Chaism stands as a testament to the belief that true wellness arises from nurturing the body and the soul. Our commitment extends beyond products; it is a journey we embark upon with you.