How did we get our start?

At Chaism, we believe in the health benefit of matcha and it will replace coffee as a healthier caffeinated drink in our daily life. We're committed to partnering with the best tea masters in the local tea farm to produce the finest tea.

What makes our products unique?

Chaism ceremonial-grade organic matcha is vegan and 100% natural with no additives. It is sourced from Hangzhou, a historical place that has long been one of the best origins for green tea in China. Ground from the tenderest first-harvest tea leaves, our matcha trees are cultivated with 35% longer shading periods to maximize phytonutrient potential, while giving the tea a vibrant color, authentic flavor profile along with a thick texture.

Why do we love what we do?

Throughout production we remain loyal to ancient traditions. And delivering this tradition in the excellent quality to our customers' door will always be our mission and passion. We are so grateful to share this matcha pleasure with you!